General conditions

Inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Alicante al tomo 3.186, folio 6, hoja A-106524, inscripción 2ª. HAPPYVILA marca registrada C.I.F. B64464340
1. MAJOR VILAJOIOSA, S.L. is a company with registered office at Calle Costera La Mar, number 12, Villajoyosa, 03570, province of Alicante; formed for an indefinite time through a deed authorised in Barcelona, before the Notary of that city, Ms. María Dolores Giménez Arbona, on 9 February 2007, with number 320 of her archive; entered in Alicante Mercantile Registry at tome 3186, sheet A-106524, 3rd entry, and with Tax Id. no. B-64464340.
2. HappyVila is a registered trademark and is a registered name the rights of which belong to MAJOR VILAJOIOSA, S.L.
3. is a web that offers online booking services of renting of “Tourist Apartments” in Villajoyosa (Alicante).
4. The particular conditions of some of the services offered may replace, alter or supplement these General Online Booking Conditions.
5. As proprietor of this service, MAJOR VILAJOIOSA, S.L. informs that the access, browsing or the use of any of the services by the user implicates the expressly acceptance of these General Online Booking Conditions and the acceptance of the terms of your booking. In the event that the user does not accept or clearly understand any of them, the booking cannot go forward. If the booking finish it will be understood that the user accepts expressly that these terms have been read, understood and approved.
6. All users must be of age (over 18 years) and have the necessary legal capacity to contract for the services offered in this web.
7. The personal details of each user must be true and will be processed in accordance with current legislation (see Privacy Policy)
8. The booking prices and conditions are those specified in this Website. VAT will be included in the booking price.
9. Offers will be valid for the time established in the published information regarding them.
10. In the event of computer or typographical errors in the prices, MAJOR VILAJOIOSA, S.L. will correct them as soon as detected. In such cases, the correct price resulting from the correction will apply to the booking, provided that diligence in processing and this being prior to the date of starting the supply of services makes it possible.
11. The payment methods permitted in formalising the online booking will be through credit or debit card (see Security Policy)
12. As well as the online booking, on the first day stipulated in the booking for accommodation the user must sign a Tourist Apartment Rental Contract. At that time, MAJOR VILAJOIOSA, S.L. will collect the total amount for the service provided and will deliver the keys to the property.
13. The users must respect the Tourist Apartments during their stay, as well as the common elements of the building in which the apartment is located, restoring them to MAJOR VILAJOIOSA, S.L. in their original condition.
14. Check-in at the Tourist Apartments is from 14:30 hours to 20:30hours on the day indicated for arrival in the booking. Check-out is 12:00 noon, at the latest, on the day indicated in the booking as departure day. These check-in and check-out times can be adjusted, depending on the availability of MAJOR VILAJOIOSA, S.L. and the Tourist Apartment the subject of the booking, for which the written consent of MAJOR VILAJOIOSA, S.L. will be required. The user must confirm the date and time of arrival with 24 hours’ notice.
15. MAJOR VILAJOIOSA, S.L. may require as deposit an amount, which in no case may be over €150, at the time when the user enters the accommodation, to answer for the loss and deterioration of the installations, furniture and general household equipment which could be imputable to the user.
16. The option of demanding a deposit or not will be set out by MAJOR VILAJOIOSA, S.L. when formalising the contract with each user, considering, among other things, the duration of the booking made and the amount involved.
17. At the end of the stay, the accommodation occupied by the user having been vacated and its condition checked, MAJOR VILAJOIOSA, S.L. will repay the deposit to the user, after the deductions applicable.
18. MAJOR VILAJOIOSA, S.L. may demand from all users who make online bookings for any of the tourist apartments offered in this Website an advance on the price as a deposit, which will be understood to be on account of the services provided.
19. This advance will be 30% of the total price of the booking made by each user.
20. Any change in the booking made by the user, with the exception of alterations to the times of arrival and departure, as established in clause 14 above, will be considered, for all purposes, as a cancellation and will involve making a new booking.
21. In the case of alteration or cancellation of the booking, this must always be communicated by the user to MAJOR VILAJOIOSA, S.L.; i) by e-mail to the address or ii) by telephone to one of the following telephone numbers: 0034 965894902 / 0034 629128443.
22. In every case of cancellation or alteration of the booking by the user and except in demonstrable cases of force majeure, MAJOR VILAJOIOSA, S.L. will retain as compensation the following amounts:
a. 0% of the advance deposit on the booking, previously delivered by the user and referred to in clauses 18 and 19 above, when the cancellation or alteration is made more than 14 days before the date fixed for occupation of the accommodation.
b. 100% when the cancellation or alteration is made with 14 or less days’ notice.
MAJOR VILAJOIOSA, S.L. will retain from the advance paid by the user the sum resulting from application of the above percentages.
23. In the event that the user does not arrive on the day agreed in the booking, or has not adjusted the check-in time in accordance with clause 14 above, MAJOR VILAJOIOSA, S.L. reserves the right, from 20:30h hours and for all purposes, to consider the booking as “No show”. This circumstance will involve the non-return of the amounts that the user has paid up to that point.
24. For the event that MAJOR VILAJOIOSA, S.L. does not attend the user’s booking, duly confirmed, this will give the user the choice between :
a. Occupying other accommodation of the same or better characteristics and category.
b. Compensation in an amount equal to double the advance deposit paid.
25. The expenses which MAJOR VILAJOIOSA, S.L. may incur as a consequence of bank transfers made by the user being returned unpaid will always be for the user’s account.
26. Any disagreement between MAJOR VILAJOIOSA, S.L. and the user in relation to the services booked and supplied will be resolved directly in the place where the final service was to be provided.
27. MAJOR VILAJOIOSA, S.L. makes the relevant complaint sheets available to the users in compliance with current legislation on these matters.
28. In the event that MAJOR VILAJOIOSA, S.L. communicates the annulment or cancellation of bookings for reasons of force majeure, understood as those circumstances outside the control of the party concerned, abnormal and unforeseeable, the consequences of which could not be avoided in spite of having acted with due diligence, the booking will be cancelled without any right to any claim or compensation in favour of the user.